Assess The Individual

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As the name suggests a key feature of MyWorq is that the individual or a particular piece of their work can be assessed.

Where to use MyWorq

The Specialist

Assessing individuals that do not work within a specific team environment.

Succession Planning

Measure specific skills / competences / behaviours to identify suitability for progression or specific training needs prior to being appointed to another position.


If you are in charge of a specific project it is a good way of getting feedback on how well it was managed etc.

Self Employed

Ask your clients for their opinion of your work.


Sub-contract staff are often very expensive and you should be regularly reviewing their performance to ensure you are getting best value for money.

The data can also help identify those agencies supplying the best staff.

MyWorq helps individuals deliver better outcomes.

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Strengthen The Team

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Developing efficient, productive, positive thinking teams is the key to having a successful organisation.

TeamWorq identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in a team so that strengths can be further developed and plans created to resolve any weaknesses.

Where to use TeamWorq

360 Assessment

Behaviour Awareness

Change Readiness

Corporate Governance

Corporate Leadership

Leadership Development

Skills Auditing

Talent Mining

Team Development

Workplace Values

TeamWorq is a very quick and cost effective way of improving team performance.

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TeamWorq & MyWorq

Apply Elsewhere

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Everyone is different, teams are different, we are living in a diverse world.

What you need to do is find those key attitudes, behaviours, skills that make certain individuals or teams shine out.

Capture those key items and then work out the best way of sharing and implanting them into appropriate areas of your organisation.

Introducing your key styles and strengths to other areas within your organisation will result in a measurable improvement in overall performance and will help your organisation get ahead and stay ahead.

How It Works

  • Define the goal of your Project

  • Select how you would like your respondents to respond and assign a score to each response
    We give you some tried and tested examples to start you off

  • Select Existing, or Add your own, Questions / Statements
    We provide a comprehensive library to get you started

  • You have the option of adding up to 10 additional ’open’ questions to be answered by the respondents after they have completed the main questions
    It has been found that these ’open’ questions can generate significant further insight

  • With TeamWorq you select who is to be assessed, With MyWorq this is going to be yourself

  • Select who is going to be doing the assesssing by simply entering their first name, last name and email address

  • When you are ready, start the project, emails will be automatically sent out to the particiapnts

  • Monitor responses

  • Generate reports

  • Take Action

Our Friends. Other services

The technology used by Talentmining Ltd was developed over many years and is used to provide a range of other services, including:

» Staff assessment tool for large organisations, loads of features.

» Enables individuals to privately manage their future development and career progression.

» 360 Assessment tool with (optional) Workbooks. Excellent data analysis, will tell you if you have an issue and exactly where it is. Focus your budget on solving the issue.

» General Secure Opinion Gathering tool, any question, anywhere. Added advantage that you can add multiple knowledge, learning opportunities. Also ideal for quickly developing training courses, creating product awareness campaigns etc.

» Skills Auditing, the biggest asset in any organisation is usually their skills database, and it is a shameful waste that it is rarely audited and never fully utilised.

Talent Mining Module
» Does what it says on the "can", find that talent, works with any services * flagged above. Fast, can search 744 encrypted assessments using your specific "job" profile in 9 seconds.

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